The bitcoin reachs Italian taxis

A cooperative of the country has signed an agreement with Chainside to accept bitcoin payments.
In cash, card or bitcoins? The question is strange, but in the coming years will be part of our day to day. If you do little Switzerland announced that bitcoins can buy in their train stations, now Italy also takes a step forward and begin to accept bitcoin in taxis of the Cooperativa radio taxi 3570 and the URI (Unione dei Radiotaxi d’ Italy).taxiroma

The idea, advises the Fin-tech portal, emerged after the ‘TaxiHack’, held in June 2015. The winner of this hackathon was ‘BitTaxi’, an app that allows you to pay for taxis with bitcoins races. But the true support has emerged following the agreement signed between Chainside, a start-up to integrate bitcoin payments, and the app’s booking of taxis ‘IT Taxi’, utilising both cooperatives. Between the two exceed 12,000 professionals, with nearly 4,000 vehicles in 50 Italian cities, so this system will enter through the front door.

Thanks to this agreement, users can order a taxi through IT Taxi and specify the path to pursuing. The system will calculate the price of the race and will offer the option of paying in bitcoin. If the user decides to do so, you will be redirected to Chainside to carry out, in advance, the transaction. Most went ahead will be a fully integrated single system.

Taxis with bitcoin payments is not something new. In London, New York, Toronto, Warsaw and Kiev, Hong Kong is already commonplace. In fact, in England, it is possible to do so from 2013 and in Malaysia from 2014. In Lithuania he introduced last year, and this year has come to Hungary, which shows that the bitcoin is becoming commonplace in a sector, the cab, seeking reinvent themselves by adopting new technologies to deal with his biggest fear at the moment: über.

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