Dream Market, the main market of the Darknet for bitcoin payments

An analysis on the dark side of the web revealed that the Dream Market portal is the preferred platform for goods and illicit services paid with bitcoin transactions. Thereport was carried out with platform Matchlight of Terbium Labs, analyzing data in association with Skry, a company specialized in security for platforms blockchain anddecentralized applications.


Trafficking in drugs, weapons, stolen goods and other goods and illegal services arethe attraction of the Darknet, consisting of thousands of websites devoted to the black market. The study polled more than 11 thousand web addresses directly relatedto illicit businesses, of which 798 currently permit transactions with virtual money, especially in bitcoin.


According to their website, Dream Market belongs to a layer of the web where can be found which cannot be located by regular pages. They even point the way to access the URL using the Tor network, known as the anonymity network, which disguises the IP addresses of all users on the network.


After encouraging users to dress up for access to the site and admit the illegality ofmost of the offered on the portal, they become the most important, the form of payment. The site operates exclusively with bitcoins, being one of the main concerns raised in the report published by the security companies, since its non-physical nature also increases the difficulty of tracking.


Among the revelations of the survey, the AlphaBay Market and The Majestic portalsGarden dedicated to the discussion and sale of narcotic drugs turned out to be the competition close Dream Market in the black-market business.


Among its conclusions the report points to the Monero criptomonedas and zCash as alternatives improved the Bitcoin transactions in the deep web, identifying as a common method among cyber-criminals the use of several digital currency for transactions before converting the values obtained in BTC and then exchange them for physical money.

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