Black Friday and Bitcoin: the best places to buy discount

black-friday-bitcoin-descuentosKnow where to spend bitcoins for products or services is becoming something increasingly important due to the increase in the adoption of the cryptocurrency aroundthe world.

Approaches on November 25, which translates into the muchanticipated Black Friday (Black Friday), in which articles have significant reductions in its price. This Festival began to be held in the United States, but because of globalization and new technologies, different companies around the world are joining the holiday to offer attractive promotions to users.

In addition to United States, in other countries there is increasing the adoption of this celebration. Spain, for example, has been pushing for the celebration of the BlackFirday through purchases on the Internet. On the other hand, although in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia the celebration of this feast is notofficial, many companies and establishments benefit date to offer promotions that call the attention of consumers.

Cyber Monday is a complement of the Festival which takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 28 this year), and held sales on products that are sold over the Internet, which has generated a significant increase in the volume of transactions in Bitcoin due to high volumes of trade held on these dates in the past.

Do you want to use your bitcoin on the days of Black Friday? As you thrill to know that there are several platforms so that anyone can use your bitcoin to acquire products at this time ready to know the best places to buy discount!


In previous articles we talked about OpenBazaar, decentralized platform for trade ingoods and services online, so it would be strange that a platform of his nature hadno intentions both take advantage of Black Friday as Cyber Monday.

To the satisfaction of many users, OpenBazaar has announced on its official blog that the dates of the Black Friday will offer a wide range of items with attractive offers.In addition, the web directory bitcoinblackfriday.com will present different portals and platforms that will offer discounts as of November 25, where OpenBazaar usersmay login to search items with rebates of interest available in this trade peer-to-peer network.


BitcoinBlackFriday.com will provide a list of different portals and products from November 25 which may be purchased with bitcoins at low prices. On the other hand, the page allows users of different pages and platforms, such as OpenBazaar, searchof products from your favorite platform that will redirect them to the product offered by BitcoinBlackFriday.

Bitpay, Bitcoin payments processing company, revealed support for the page making a tweet which encourages companies not using Bitcoin as payment method to take BitcoinBlackFriday to next Friday.

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