Bitcoin technology enables that freelancers can overcome barriers to receive payments in a much more efficient way.

Who works or has worked independently in Argentina, and must manage the collection of a service from outside known complications that this entails. Get that moneyfrom the employer gets to a local bank account involves multiple steps with international services, very high commissions and several days of waiting.


Today, there is an alternative that overcomes all these disadvantages: Bitcoin technology that independent professionals (designers, programmers, writers, journalists, photographers, etc.) can overcome these barriers in a much more efficient way. Unlike traditional payment channels for international payments, charges for transfers aremuch lower and allow to count with the transfer to the bank account of the professional in only 48 hours.


It is worth to remember that the Bitcoin is an electronic currency which serves to exchange goods and services; its emission is decentralized (does not depend on any financial or governmental entity) and is developed on the basis of an invulnerable cryptographic technology.


Thus, while more and more people use bitcoin as a form of global digital cash, thisExchange may represent a great alternative to any professional operational and financial point of view.

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