Bitcoin mining already depleted 76% of their potential

Mining is also increasingly less profitable in the universe of the criptomonedas. The growing popularity of these digital currency it has made the competition for solve their mathematical problems to become more fierce, so the investment required for equipment is higher, and only decrypt remains less than a quarter of the total volume of bitcoins that maximum may exist.

The mathematical formulas that gave birth to the popular bitcoin have a limit. And this ceiling will come when they are in circulation a total of 21 million of this cryptocurrency. As of today this alternative payment method users decryption have already nearly 16 million of these coins, which equals 75,99% of the maximum volume that could exist. This threshold also implies that undermine new bitcoins requires increasingly more calculation capacity on computers and devices prepared for this activity.

So far this year, about 930,000 new bitcoins have seen the light, according to the data collected on the Blokchain.info platform. This means that at this stage of the exercise it exist in circulation one 6.2% increase in these virtual currencies that when he began 2016. Virtual coining of this currency rate dropped significantly from last July, on automatic response to the scope of one of the dimensions indicated in their DNA mathematical, and therefore predictable, to gradually reduce their proliferation.

One of the first obstacles encountered a bitcoin miner before its increasingly less profitable activity is the size that covers already blocks keeping chain bitcoin transactions history from the origin of the currency in 2009. Currently, needed little more than 86 gigabytes of free space on the device that you want to use for this purpose before starting work, and the weight is growing whenever there is a new operation with this monetary system.

While seven years ago was enough a desktop computer of mid-range to solve calculation problems that are rewarded with new bitcoins, today the calculation capacity required to continue undermining necessitates the use of special devices in extending computational power that often consume a lot of electricity. To achieve greater efficiency to this last point is concerned, the minimum to become a team that investment given the current conditions of the universe bitcoin enables minar and receive remuneration therefore is around 350 euros.

While in January of this same year mining revenues as a percentage of the volume of transactions with this cryptocurrency rose to 3,096% the latest data show that only 0,852% calculations that these expensive terminals meet nowadays have award upon completion of its complex procedure. For each full block confirmed and registered operations, which would sometimes years of computer calculation for a single terminal is currently awarded in only 25 bitcoins and the internal structure of the currency provides that this amount will be automatically reduced by every 210,000 blocks chained.

The second way of fundraising for the miners is the tip or rate that bitcoin users include in their transactions with this currency. A greater amount of a transaction, more difficulty involves the calculation of verification of its authenticity, by which those that involve greater rewards will be in all likelihood more quickly verified to access this amount. This will be the only system that give back mining once was issued the last possible bitcoin according to their current mathematical structure.

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